4 major types of Headache

The headaches function every human being. Sometimes headaches are so severe that even if a person dies, he tries to die. Today, there are many factors that cause a headache. Examples of work pressure, intense traffic jams, domestic expenses, and women are discussed as well. Whenever a person comes under pressure as a physical or psychiatrist
The muscle of the head or neck vessels or glands is a turtle .

There are many  types of headaches.

  • Sometimes it takes birth in any part of the brain And sometimes in both parts.
  • Sometimes the waves are upstairs and some time Always stays intensely .
  • Some headaches are temporary .
  • The rest remain wrapped long.

Physicians have described four types of headache.

  • Sinus
  • Cluster
  • Tension
  • Migrain


It feels severe pain on the Forehead and the face. And it’s starting with a painful upper bone and spread towards the face.


One eye in such a headache from the right or left side )
The result of this side is severe pain.
Often, due to pain, water flows with eyes and nose.


Over the eyes in this type of headaches Above the middle of one ear to the middle part is severe pain.
It’s top in all types of headache.
Because it often causes pain in the neck as well.


In this kind of headache Half part of the face wraps up with severe pain,
From the forehead to the neck, there is severe pain on one side of the face.


Now we talk about their treatment by Home Remedies.

Luckily more headaches are temporary
And get away from domestic breaks. Long-term headaches require that the doctor should be helped.

But there are some treatments related to every kind of pain
Those who can recover from home remedies.

Head Massage

  • 1.       Head and neck massage
  • 2.       Cold head or hot water strip
  • 3.       To be bathed with semi-hot water
  • 4.      Physical and mental comfort should be delivered

Other ways to adapt to physical and mental restraint.

  • Exercise also leads to headache
  • Apart from being accidentally sitting in the office or shop also painful
  • The right way to sit is not to bow down the head too much,
  • The eye sight may also be weak due to headache.When the eyes become weak,the eyes dn’t feel too much load to focus, which causes headache check out the case if this happen.

Mint Oil

Mint Oil

Put Mint oil on the forehead and the canopy and massage on it. This will end up headache. Mantthol is effective for half headaches.
And it has been found effective in reducing headaches .



Put a piece of ginger in boiling water and
Water has opened for half an hour. and then Put a little sugar and take it now. It removes fatigue migraine. Apart from the quality of vomiting and nausea.



The importance of lime in the head cannot be denied.
Drinking lime in the cup will be spicier than drinking, Grinding the lime peas and putting it on the back ends the pain .

Lavender Oil.

Lavender oil

Lavender Oil can be treated naturally of headach Massage can also be done.
The pain can be tolerated even by its perfume.
But this is the best way.Keeping three to four drops of lunar oil in boiling water, keep the face on the steam Breaking the boiling water inhaled headache ends.


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