15 Causes Of Average Hair Loss and Treatment.

According to research data from some foreign scientific research institutions, a normal person has about 100,000 hairs, and about 10% of a person’s hair grows out every year. 

365 days a year, the number of average hairs fall per day is (100000 × 10%) ÷ 365 days is equal to about 27 hair loss.

so the average person’s hair loss is about 20-30 hairs per day, and the hairs Los season doubles in autumn.

About 40-50 hairs If you lose more than 50-100 hairs per day, your hairs will be a problem.

15 Causes Of Average Hair Loss and Treatment.
Medically, if there are more than 100 hairs lost every day for more than 1 month without signs of stopping, and there is thinning in some areas in severe cases, this situation is called "average hair loss". 

Hair has a natural growth cycle and rest period. For adults, it is normal to lose 50 to 60 hairs per day. 

When the hairs are longer, the number of tens of hairs looks larger.

so it gives the illusion of hairs loss.

15 Causes Of Average Hair Loss and Treatment.

However, you don’t need to worry too much about hairs fall in autumn. Because the hairs lost in autumn will be replenished in spring. Some people joked that this is the same as seasonal pet molt.

Of course, as of August 20, 2019.

There is no conclusive evidence on the mechanism of these seasonal hairs lost in humans.

Spread five fingers apart, insert the roots of the hairs, hold the palms close to the top of the head. And then pinch the hair with the fingers together, not too loose.

Then gently pull the hairs, doing this 6-8 times.

if there are more than three or four hairs between the fingers, hair fall is likely to occur.

At this time, you can consider going to the hospital’s dermatology or endocrinology department for related examinations.

15 Causes Of Average Hair Loss and Treatment.

The simple detection method is to wake up in the morning and see how many hairs fall from the pillow,

then multiply by 3 to get the number of hairs to fall in a day, usually, 70 to 100 hairs per day are normal.

 In addition, if the amount of hairs fall is less than 50 when washing hairs, it is normal.

15 Causes Of Average Hair Loss and Treatment.

In addition, methods to prevent hair loss in daily life are also essential.

The first is the rule of work and rest.

Early to bed and early to rise, not to bed, not to stay up late, to develop a good habit of rest and rest.

it is conducive to our body’s automatic repair.

Eat well.

Hair is mainly made of keratin, a substance that makes hair stronger. 

If you take in too little protein (red meat, fish, eggs, and chicken),

it will affect keratin levels and cause hair follicles to be undernourished and lose hair.

15 Causes Of Average Hair Loss and Treatment.

Regularly massage the scalp.

Every morning and evening, massage the scalp for 2 to 4 minutes and apply Heilea on the hair loss area to improve scalp nutrition,regulate sebum secretion, promote scalp blood circulation, ease hair loss, and promote hair growth.

15 Causes Of Average Hair Loss and Treatment.

Relax and release stress.

Work, study, and life pressure, we must calm down our minds, find solutions, and not be over anxious.

Don’t play computer, watch TV and play mobile phone for a long time.

15 Causes Of Average Hair Loss and Treatment.

How much hair is normal every day?

The number of hair loss is divided into four grades, which correspond to different situations.

0-20 roots: perfect hair

Do not lose more than 20 hairs per day, which means your hair is fine. Tough hair is not only because the hair is well maintained and has a good hair gene.

It also shows that the physical condition is now great,the liver and kidney functions are healthy. And the mental state is relaxed. Keep it up.

21-50 roots: excellent hair quality

Within 50 hair drops per day, your hair is in a healthy state. 50 hairs may still look a lot. But do n’t worry, people have 100,000 hairs, 50 hairs are 0.05%, and people may have about 0.1% of new hair every day, so your situation is healthy. Of course, you still have room to continue to improve, because some people lose their hair every day, but not even 20 of them. Think about it, are there any shortcomings in your lifestyle?

51-100 roots: hair loss crisis

With more than 50 hairs the situation is not good. Your current hair loss and daily growth hair may just be “balanced.” Excluding genetic factors, you lose so much hair every day, there must be some problems in your health, such as you may have stayed up late, greasy diet, and mental stress. If you do not pay attention, the number of hair loss may continue to increase!

100 or more: Hair Issues

Severe hair loss is when you lose more than 100 hairs a day. Then you feel the horror of hair loss with your naked eyes. You will be anxious and you watch dense hair floating on the water. With this degree of hair loss, the number of hair loss per day has exceeded the number of new must be less and less hair as it develops.

 Hair loss is serious it’s not a matter of good health and poor living habits. There must be genetic and hormonal factors, or sudden hair loss under the condition of great mental stress. 

What do you need to do? Now it is to seek treatment, external factors like lifestyle can’t be ignored.



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